Tulasara Focus Facial
$48+ / 30 minutes

Tulasara Essential Facial $75+ / 60 minutes

Tulasara Luxury Facial
$100+ / 90 minutes

*Extractions are included in all facials, though optional




Hand Exfoliation $15
Foot Exfoliation $15
Hand & Foot $25

Eye Treatment $10
Lip Treatment $10
Eye & Lip $15

Body Dry Brushing $20

*Add onto any spa or massage service; please allow additional time.


Aveda spa facial treatments are a relaxing, comforting journey for the body and a renewing, rejuvenating gift for the skin. Each facial is completely customizable for your skin based on the area you want to place the most focus on. Our highly trained estheticians will help guide you in determining which treatment will be best for your skin and advise which products to take home to maintain your healthful glow.

Here is an overview of the facial treatment focuses:

Focus: Exfoliation

Dry Skin Facial Treatment

  • smoothes skin

  • immediately moisturizes skin

  • immediately reduces dry, fine lines

  • provides immediate radiance

  • great for addressing: normal-to-dry, and dry skin

Oily Skin Facial Treatment

  • smoothes skin

  • softens pores, allowing for easier extractions

  • immediately reduces sebum

  • immediately reduces clogged pores

  • immediately reduces pore size

  • great for addressing: normal-to-oily and oily skin

Acne Facial Treatment

  • reduces redness

  • reduces pore size

  • reduces clogged pores

  • reduces sebum

  • great for addressing: acne prone skin

Exfoliation + Peel Facial Treatment

  • immediately improves skin texture, clarity and radiance

  • immediately smooth appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • immediately refines pores

  • great for addressing: aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne

Focus: Correction

Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment

  • immediately moisturizes skin

  • immediately reduces redness

  • provides immediate radiance

  • great for addressing: normal-to-sensitive and sensitive skin


Spa Packages


3 - 30 Minute Focus Facials $129
4 Tulasara Essential Facials $280
6 Tulasara Essential Facials $420